Maha C801D 8-Cell Fast Charger

1-Hour Battery Charger for 8x AA / AAA Batteries

Maha C801D 8-Cell Fast Charger


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Ticks All The Boxes

The C801D is an ideal all-round solution for anyone who uses rechargeable batteries on a regular basis. As the C808M's little brother, all the advanced Maha features you would expect to find are here in a slightly more affordable format for the Home or Hobby.

8 Independent Charging Circuits

Featuring eight independent circuits, you can charge 1-8 AA/AAA rechargeable batteries, from any manufacturer, in any combination.

Clear LCD Display

Forget about traditional LED indicators! By incorporating a large LCD screen, the charging status of each battery can be displayed clearly in plain English (CHARGE, DONE, CONDITIONING, etc), along with a battery charge indicator just like you'd find on your mobile phone screen.

Selectable Soft and Rapid Charge Modes

The MH-C801D allows you to select Soft Charge or Fast Charge mode. Soft Charge delivers the highest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older, lower capacity batteries... while Fast Charge allows eight batteries to be fully charged to their maximum capacity in around 1 hour!

Built-in 'Deep Conditioning' System

The Eight Cell charger is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, deep-discharge and recharge batteries automatically for maximum rejuvenation.

Precision Microprocessor Controlled

As with all Maha chargers, the key is in the custom microprocessors that control charging in supreme detail. The C801-D is no exception!